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How many times a week are you looking for loads for transportation?
Question 1
How many websites do you use to find the right load?
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If there is no suitable freight, do you want to be notified when it appears?
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Easy way to find the best freight

More than 100.000 loads every day
Domestic and international loads
Loads for all vehicle types

How it works?
Transradar helps to find load for your vehicle online. We combine information about freights published on different websites so that you can find the most profitable freight in a fast, convenient and free way.
Your benefits
Save time on search
All loads in one place.
Reduce empty runs
Why to go empty when you can find a load nearby and earn more.
Increase your profit
We will help you to compare and choose a really profitable freight.
Freights worldwide
We will help you to compare and choose a really profitable freight.
Smart search
We help to find a suitable backhaul.
Use Transradar free of and without sign up.
Users say
Irina S.
Owner of freight forwarding company
Transradar helps us to find loads much faster and load more trucks. We`re become more efficient.
Elias V.
CEO of a transport company
We increased time in operation and reduced empty runs. As a result our profit has increased. Our team just happy.
Anna N.
Logistics specialist
It is incredibly convenient and efficient! I spend much less time on search of loads in internet.
Artème K.
Freight broker
Finally I can find loads for my trucks in a fast and simple way.
Will Transradar be helpful for you?
Answer 4 questions and get a 20% discount.
42 different vehicle body types!
From vans till heavy trucks.
Find loads for a van, dumper, curtainsider, tank and more...

Where does Transradar get loads from?
Transradar scans a lot of sites on the Internet and collects information about all new requests for transportation published. Thus, when you open Transradar site, you simultaneously search through multiple sites, which helps you to reduce the time on search.
Why there is no contacts of shippers on Transradar?
Transradar is a convenient search engine that helps to simplify the search of loads for transportation. Our task is to help you quickly and easily find the best load for transportation. But no one knows where the best request for transportation is publuished today. We will help you to figure this out fast. After you have found the best load, we will redirect you on the site of one of our partners, where this load was initially published. There you will be able to find shipper contacts.
Which features does Transradar have?
a. On Transradar you can find hundreds of thousands of loads available for transportation, published on different sites in Internet.

b. You can compare loads and choose the best among them, with the help of the sorting function: by size, distance, cost per km. and many other parameters.

c. You can find backhaul right away.

d. All loads can be seen on the map.

e. You can set a notification about new loads on the route of your interest. And as soon as a new request for transportation appears, we will notify you by email.
Will Transradar integrate more sites?
Yes, we are constantly working on integration of new sites. If you have a website where requests for transportation are published, we will be happy to discuss the terms of cooperation.
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"Only a full truck earns money"
- says in DB Schenker
Find loads for your truck on different freight exchange websites.
Transradar is a free website to find loads for trucks online. We put together information about freights from different freight exchange websites to help you find the best freight in the fastest and the most cost-efficient way & free of charge. On our website, you can easily search for way and back loads for your truck.

Find loads available for transportation in Europe, Eurasia, Asia… and worldwide.
It doesn`t matter where exactly you are looking for loads: in Europe, Asia or Middle East… All of this is available on our website.

Find loads for vans, heavy trucks, and special-purpose vehicles.
Our website is mainly used to find loads for trucks. However, apart from this, there are requests for multimodal transportation. We help find loads for vans, trucks, low-bed trucks, different tank trucks and even special-purpose vehicles. We offer loads for over 40 different vehicle body types, with freight ranging from one cubic meter to oversize loads. Our flexible search query will help you find a freight ranging from 100 kg to heavy freights.

Find loads for trucks free of charge and without signing up .
On our website, you can find loads for trucks free of charge and without signing up. Our task is to make the transportation process more efficient. After all, inefficient transportation process affects the final cost of the goods that customers are paying. By helping carriers fully load their transport and avoid empty runs, we will both increase profits of the carriers and reduce transportation costs. This will have a positive economic impact on carriers, customers, entire industries, and even countries.
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